• Reaching GoldSeal Support

Product-Specific numbers

Toll Free 877-446-5373

  • 1. Call the 800 number
  • 2. Enter your contract number to be routed to the appropriate team
  • 3. If you don't know your contract number, enter the Express Code from the list below

Manufacturer Express Code Email
Palo Alto Networks 2 PaloAlto@GoldSeal.Support
Polycom 11 Polycom@GoldSeal.Support
Avaya 12 Avaya@GoldSeal.Support
Ribbon 14 Ribbon@GoldSeal.Support
VaaS 11 nahelp@goldsealvaas.com

For manufacturers not listed above:

Manufacturer Express Code Email
All Security Products 10 Security@GoldSeal.Support
All UCC Products   General@GoldSeal.Support